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At Hair By Dory, our goal is to get you the look you want and deserve. Getting a fresh new look can be fun and exciting, but some hair styles will be more flattering than others on you. Your facial shape is the biggest factor in choosing the right hair style for you. At your consultation, we can help you pick styles that will be most flattering. We will then consider eye color, skin tone, and hair texture for your perfect color. The information below can assist you in choosing which hair style might be right for you. 

Identify Your Facial Shape





Face shapes 4.jpeg



Face shapes 4.jpeg
Young and beautiful asian woman with cur

Diamond face shapes have pointed chins and wide set cheek bones. 


Best cuts for you are:

  • Long side swept bangs

  • Short textured lob

  • Sleek straight hair with a middle part

  • Sleek high pony tail



  • Heavy rounded bangs

  • Straight across bangsn


Portrait of an attractive young European

Heart face shapes have a beautiful bone structure that is neither too hard or soft. You will find a variety of hairstyles look soft and warm on you.Bangs are a great way to compensate for a wider forehead. 


Best cuts for you:

  • Shoulder length lob

  • Deep side part with loose waves

  • Layers that break at the collar bone


  • Middle part

  • Short baby bangs

ean more.


Female Model

The triangle face shape (inverted) has many wonderful choices in hairstyles. Leaving a few soft pieces around the face provides balance

Best cuts for you:

  • Wavy bob and bangs

  • Half ups

  • Short and long bangs combination

  • Updo and chignons.


  • Super straight hair with minimal layers




Close up portrait of young beautiful wom

Round face shapes find that some of the best options in cuts are below the chin. Going to short or excess curls add more width to your cheek area. Short styles with too much volume can elongate your face. 

Best cuts for you:

  • Textured lob

  • Deep side part

  • Slick back high ponytail

  • Pixie cut with volume at the top


  • Soft wispy bangs

  • Wide or excessive curls

Square face shapes have strong angled jawlines. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in width.

Best cuts for you:

  • Soft wispy side-swept bangs

  • Straight hair with long layers

  • Short subtle bangs that hit at the cheekbones


  • Thick blunt bangs

  • Slick back looks

  • Wide curls


Beautiful Woman Face. Beauty Portrait. B

Virtually every hairstyle flatters your beautiful Oval face as you look good in everything. You can focus on styles that work for your hair texture, personality, and life style.

Best cuts for you:

  • Blunt bob above the shoulder

  • Shoulder length cut with subtle layers

  • Side swept bangs

  • Sleek hairstyles


  • Heavy bangs

  • One length hairstyles


Beautiful Woman with Clean Fresh

Long face shapes are similar to oval but are more narrow and sometimes have a longer chin. Long shapes are lean and offer many style possibilities. Bangs are ideal if you feel your forehead is too high and they will accentuate your beautiful eyes.

Best Cuts for you:

  • Loose curls that start close to the roots

  • Flat iron waves

  • Salon style blowout to create volume

  • Long layers that break at the collarbone


  • Sleek hairstyles

  • Very long hair


It's About Highlighting Your Favorite Features

There will be many hairstyles that fit your face shape and sometimes it can be confusing. At Hair By Dory this is what we do. We can suggest flattering looks for you but how you feel is the most important thing. What are your favorite features? Let's start there. We can make most hairstyles work for most face shapes and making you feel amazing about your look is the most important thing. Here are a few features to look for:

Diamond Shaped faces: Your beautiful cheekbones and eyes with less side volume to create a slender look around the cheekbones


Heart Shaped faces: Your eyes and cheekbones with bangs or volume along the sides.

Triangle Shaped faces: Your eyes and cheekbones with long side swept bangs, center parted bangs, bobs, pixies, and layers.

Round Shaped faces: Your eyes and cheekbones with longer hair to make your face appear longer. Bangs are great, and shorter styles with top volume to elongate your beautiful face. Below the chin cuts look amazing.

Square Shaped faces: Your eyes and cheekbones with texture and curls, or choppy ends to compliment your prominent jaw line

Oval Shaped faces: Your eyes and cheekbones are flattered by almost every hair style. Hair texture plays a big part for you. 

Long Shaped faces: Your eyes and cheekbones and the overall shape of you lovely face are flattered by shorter styles and cuts for volume. Bangs look great on you.

Subtle angels in your cut make a huge difference. As a master designer shop, rest assured you will look amazing!

Flattering For Everyone

july 21 short hair.jpg
july 21 short blonde.jpg
Close-up portrait of young smiling dark-
aug 21 short hair.jpg

Often referred to as the perfect haircut, this hairstyle flatters almost all face shapes. It looks great blow-dried straight, curly, wavy, or air-dried. It falls between the chin and shoulders, and we can style it to fit your lifestyle and your unique personality. As with most cuts, subtle angles make all the difference. Call 813-810-4923 for your appointmentish

Bangs!   Bangs!   Bangs!

033023 short hair keratin bangs.jpg
beautiful young african woman with long
033023 bangs blonde.jpg

Bangs can take years off your beautiful face. Need I say more? Bangs are a great way to freshen up a look and they make your eyes scream LOOK AT ME! Our goal with bangs to get you a more "Oval" look and we can do just that. Your hair texture plays a big part in our bangs strategy. Curly, and wavy hair can be tricky, but not impossible. 

Short Cropped Hair

Happy young woman looking back and smili
portrait of a bride with short hair with
Close up side portrait of an elegant afr

Short hairstyles are very popular right now with many famous ladies rockin short hair. Short hair flatters all face shapes although "rounds" have to be a little careful with the angels of the cut. Bangs can be straight, or more side swept. Perfect for the office yet plenty playful enough for evenings, this cut has versatility.

Cropped haircuts are achieved by cutting almost all of the hair at equal lengths although there are many possible variations. At Hair By Dory we can give you that "edgy" look or a toned down version depending on your personality. Cropped hair is worn by some of the most stylish women. Make an appointment, and let's get started. 813-810-4923

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