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Weddings, Proms, and Formal events! They are so fun, and maybe a little stressful. All those eyes on you, and let's not forget all those pictures that your family will be getting out for years to come. 

We need to talk. Let' start with the picture you have in your mind. We then need to consider your dress, shoes, and nail polish. Is your dress the focal point? 

At Hair By Dory we have helped hundreds of lovely ladies on their special day. We can pick the perfect hairstyle to compliment your look with buns, braids, updos, half updos, and many other styles. Flowers can add a nice touch for an elegant look. We will suggest a style for you, or feel free to bring a picture with you. At Hair By Dory, we will help you get the look you want and deserve. So you can relax.

Dory is available for weddings starting at $150 per hour. A consultation with the bride is essential and pictures of all wedding party members requiring hair styling is required. Call to discuss how we can help you on your very special day. 

Formal august 7.jpg
formal august 3.jpg
Beautiful Bride with  Makeup and Bridal
formal august 4.jpg

All eyes on you

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