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Updated: Jun 20, 2020


Super cute and fun, you can go Messy Bob, Shaggy Bob, or Choppy Bob. It's easy, bouncy, and it's super expressive. It works with thick or fine hair so you can grab some product and go. Center part and round brush anyone?



Typically 1/2 to 3 inches and can be all one length or longer on top. It's fun, practical, easy, and can you hear your cheekbones roaring? I love this cut with side bangs and you can skip the blow drying with a firm hold paste or gel. Care to experiment with a little color?



Can't decide on long or short? Go Lob woman! It's bold yet oh so feminine, and you can go bangs or no bangs. It's super cute, super cool, and a little variation in the cut can make a huge difference. We can go longer in the front, and shorter in the back to give you a little "edge".



As the name suggests, the hair is cut with a razor for an incredible look you just can't get with scissors. Hair can be cut at angles for a smoother softer look. Razor cuts take more skill but fear not, we have got you covered. For a lighter, wispier look that is just super cool, let's talk about the razor cut.


Hair By Dory might be the one place you can go to find someone more excited about your hair than you are. Schedule a consultation today and let's discuss your perfect look. Call us at 813-810-4923 or visit us at to book an appointment online. #hairbydory #summercuts #razorcut

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