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Permanents, Relaxers, & Keratin

Relaxer                                                      from $100


Permanent Wave                                       from $90

Express Keratin Treatment                        from $150

Keratin Smoothing Treatment                   from $250

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Haircut not included

Permanent Waves

Perms are great for a quick change and the look you want. Curls and waves are flirty fun and at Hair By Dory you are in good hands. If you have had straight hair forever, waves and curls can put a smile on your face that just won't go away. Want a new look? It's easier than you think. Call 813-810-4923

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At Hair By Dory, we want you to have the hair you really want. Many of our ethnic clients struggle with coarse curly hair and we can help. For smooth shiny glorious hair, call us today at 813-810-4923.


Keratin Treatments

If you love smooth, silky, shiny hair then our Keratin treatment is probably for you. We offer two  types of Keratin treatments, both  "Express", and  "Smoothing. Our Smoothing treatment lasts up to 12 weeks. A good Keratin treatment nourishes your hair and can greatly reduce drying time. Call 813-810-4923

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Keratin Treatments

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