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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

  1. Tired and bored

  2. Life changing event

  3. Divorce or break-up

  4. Keeping up with trends

  5. Going gray

When you think about all the times you have changed your hair over the years, chances are you made the above list. Studies have shown that the average woman changes her hairstyle over 100 times in her lifetime, although many of these changes are not dramatic.

Whatever your reason for for change, Hair By Dory can help. If you are ready for a little pick me up, let's start with the right cut to compliment your unique bone structure. Want to kick it up a notch? Lets check your eye color, skin tone, complexion, and hair type to find the hair color choices that will "pop" for you. Still not satisfied? If you are really ready to "Rock" that new look, let's talk about a perm for some tight or loose curls, or hair extensions for a dramatic change that looks amazing.

At Hair by Dory, we understand life changes. Let's talk about your story. Whether you had a relationship change, a job change, or you just want a change, we can help. Visit us at or call 813-810-4923 and let's talk. We can't wait to hear "your" story. #hairbydory #hairstyle #perm #hairextension

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1 Comment

I have been a customer of Dory's for over a year now. I absolutely love her! She is a fabulous hair dresser who listens to what you want and actually does it! She is a perfectionist and couldn't be more helpful. She truly goes out of her way to make you feel like you a more than a customer. More like a friend. Having moved from North Jersey and having access to the most professional stylists around, I can honestly say that Dory is right up there in the same league with the very best. I give her five stars! *****

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